New Month, New Blog, Same God

Is it already September? I cannot believe how fast time flies by!

It has already been 4 months since I graduated from The Master’s University and it has been 7 months since I officially started my process with TWR MOTION.

WOAH, how crazy is that?!

The past few months of support raising have been quite the journey for me. To be honest with you, some days have been really hard. Relying on the Lord to bring in the financial support necessary can be daunting at times. One minute I’m greatly encouraged and overjoyed by the progress I’m making, and the next minute I’m in the depths of despair fighting to believe God will bring this process to completion. However, in the midst of my roller coaster emotions and experiences, my great God is constant and faithful and He has shown Himself kind and caring through it all.

I wanted to start this blog to have a place to keep y’all updated on this missionary journey the Lord has placed me on. I wanted to have an outlet to share my heart and the ways God is working as He builds my support team day by day. I also wanted to be able to answer questions and help everyone who is interested better understand the work of TWR MOTION and how God has called me to partner with them in the advancement of the gospel. I am thrilled to be a part of this team and this ministry and greatly look forward to sharing this excitement with you! So please bear with me as I navigate the uncharted waters of blog/vlog posting…

The Lord has brought my monthly support to 30% and I could not be more thankful to those who have been called by the Lord to partner with me! Please continue to pray for the next 70% of support and those individuals our great God would choose to join with me! I am shooting for a start date of February 5, 2018 and must be at 100% in order to begin work with TWR MOTION.

Attached is a link to a video I put together explaining what I’ve been up to these past few weeks and how you can be in prayer for me, my team, and the unreached around the world. I sure hope you enjoy it and are encouraged by God’s work to put the gospel on display!

always for the Master,

KariAnne Frazer

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